Subzero alchemy climbing up the basement shisha bar chrome and its frosty liquid-filled cylinders, Calgary’s Divepool release their latest track, Hawaii, in session with Welcome to the West. Her bass notes cushion, dense and sludgy, as lead singer Amanda Fuenzalida’s slightly flippant wails, coos, and crestfallen sentiments declare an end of a summer heart punctuated by drummer Emelia Lovink’s punishing, authoritative rhythm. Guitarist Charlie Roberts’ surf-bending echoes crack and rattle the hull of a ghost shipwreck sunk deep in the Pacific. Divepool cascades layer upon layer of emotive emptiness, held captive by white leather in an ultra lounge matrix, with Fuenzalida’s lyrics “I’ll be your empty shell/tossed to the sea”, subsequently dropping a into a shrill list of inner yearnings. Divepool’s live psychedelic grime and smoke will be performing live at Pop MontrĂ©al! September 16, 2015 at Quai des Brumes.

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