Indian Wars

Vancouver’s Indian Wars started to play a recurring role in our lives last summer, hitting us square between the eyes with a slew of killer sets. Our first encounter was out on the coast with our friends, PeAks. Most memorably, on the eve of Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, while downtown Vancouver rioted the Canucks defeat, and tear gas and smoke from cars tipped and set alight – we rushed to the Rickshaw Theatre where Indian Wars opened an absolutely bonkers Black Lips show.

One week later, they would arrive on Calgary turf for Sled Island Festival and billet in Ramsay; tenting it in Emelia and Gill’s backyard. They played upstairs right before Deer Tick and some suicidal smashed a beer bottle over my head. After concluding a hat trick of after parties, we returned to Ramsay to find the band tenting through a torrential downpour – all except for Fraser Wit, who slept arse-up, face-down beside the sofa.

The Wastin’ Time West session was filmed in Vancouver inside the Indian Wars garage on a September day that turned into a night. Next time, get us down with Shells and Leather.

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