Rachel Fannan

It was Saturday and closing in on Christmas in Los Angeles. The streets were what you’d expect: traffic, sunshine and dust; radio interference and bursts of commotion among people rummaging together merchandise for the season. Inside Black Iris Studios sits Rachel Fannan, working to prepare a new composition to spell all of life’s meaningless noise. On this day, like many more ahead, hers is an unmistakable coyote call in the heart of Echo Park.

For Fannan, the past year has seen her add a new dimension to an already acclaimed young music career. Since ending her tenure as front woman in San Franciscan psych band, Sleepy Sun, she has not only developed a touring solo repertoire, but also an excellent all-girl group called Only You.

For the Let Me Sing You Love Songs session, Fannan duos with Brandon Intelligator of Slang Chickens and the West teams up with Michael Harris of Black Iris, located in the Bedrock LA multiplex (aka the Disneyland for musicians).

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