Rotary Park

Words by Matt Coldwell:

I wrote this song with a heart filled with romance, during a summer that will never be forgotten. It is based on late night star gazing, admiring sunrises and the pure beauty of falling in love. It helps remind me how special it is to have a person love you for who you are and a companion that will be there through thick and thin. Often, time allows people to take what they have for granted. This song helps me remember to always stay true to my heart and cherish every moment life has to offer.

To commemorate Rotary Park’s 2016 Canadian tour, Welcome to the West produced this session with the band in the 1890s built Schoolhouse Athletic Club in Calgary’s Historic Inglewood. ‘Fallen Again’ is the latest single from the ‘Be’ Album.

Vocals/Bass: Matt Coldwell
Vocals/Fiddle: Alex Ginnella
Vocals/Guitar: Liam Testa
Vocals/Banjo: Tanner Day
Vocals/Mandolin: Nicki McRae

Produced by: Brendan Kane
Directed by: Chad Tweten
Audio Design: Nils Mikkelsen
Visual Art: Daniel J Kirk
Lighting/Camera Operator: Karl Leung

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